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Deibertsville Store and Post Office

Revived from the archives by Virgina Woodward

Wooden model of the Deibertsville Store and Post Office
Wooden model of the Deibertsville Store and Post Office on display at the Historical Society.

The Historical Society was presented with a wooden model of the Deibertsville Store and Post Office by Mervin and Bonnie (Kline) Reichard which prompted us to dig up some information about it.

It was built by Samantha Reichard, Bonnie's granddaughter, for a school project in the late 1990s. It stands 2 feet wide, 18 inches deep and 18 inches tall. It was built like a doll house; there are a few pieces of furniture in it.

The village of Deibertsville is situated about two miles east of Saegersville on one of the roads leading from Saegersville to Allentown. One of the first buildings in the village was owned by John Krause (1753-1798).

Peter Butz resided on the place after him and he was succeeded by Henry Roth, who kept a hotel. He was succeeded by J. Peter Miller, who also continued the hotel business until the year l842 when he sold out to Daniel Deibert who was the owner of the property until his death in 1881; during this time he conducted the hotel business himself with the exception of the last few years, when it was under the supervision of William Metzger.

The store business was commenced in the hotel building in 1848 by Levi Krause, who first kept the store in the next room in the building in which the hotel was kept. He soon afterwards erected a store-house standing opposite the hotel on the other side of the road. He continued the business for several years, when he was succeeded by David Hugg, William Hicker, Jeremiah P. Geiger and Isaac S. Dietrich who took possession April 1881. The store building was deeded to the New Tripoli National Bank in 1935. After that it was owned by Claude and Elsie Knappenberger, Elmer Kurtz, and Curtis and Mabel Davies.

Bonnie (Kline) Reichard told us that her grandfather, John N. Kline, purchased the store property from Curtis Davies. At this time the building was no long serving as a store and post office; it was a two family home. When the store was in business, dry goods and fabrics were sold. It could possibly have sold smoked meats because there was a brick stove used for smoking meats in back of the house. Bonnie lived with her grandparents on one side of the house and her aunt lived on the other side. She lived in this home until she married in 1958. When her grandfather passed away in 1967, it became her property. It is no longer standing; it has been replaced with a four car garage and an apartment.


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