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Ontelaunee Terrace

Revived from the archives by Virgina Woodward

Ad for Ontelaunee Terrace

Public Service was a publication about life in the Great Agricultural and Industrial Zone of the East Penn Valley between Reading and Allentown, Pa. Ontelaunee Terrace was a development idea for an area of Ontelaunee Park.

From Public Service, June-July, 1930, page 5:
Builders of bungalows sought sites in Ontelaunee Terrace. They were restricted in choice sections of the park with the Blue Mountains, just a mile away, looming over and seeking to look down in lofty, tranquil dignity from their azure heights to impart an air of rugged benediction that brings with it peace and quiet both charming and restful. Thus Ontelaunee Terrace offers itself to those seeking recreation and a change from the humdrum of business or a refuge and rest from the fast pace of modern life.

In obedience to the bungalow idea the which was emphatic and insistent, came the birth of the dual proposition – a summer recreation and residential park – a public playground and a quiet family home.

Agreeable to this project Ontelaunee Terrace is to be cut up into building lots. Blue prints block the lots at 40 x 80 feet, high and dry, away from the tumult of the playground, yet near enough to go to and participate in if the spirit of play gets possession of residents. Spring water is to be piped to owners of bungalows, and they will have the perpetual right to enjoy all the privileges of the park.

Ontelaunee Terrace has been laid out by engineers that have had long experience in the building lot and landscape service and attractive building and bungalow sites can now be bought at a fair price which should prove both a good investment and a pleasant experience. It would be a difficult task to find a cleaner or more wholesome place to live or a better vacation spot to spend the summer with the family.


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